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Ginette 35 Birth Control Pills

Ginette 35 Pill Contraceptive

Before deciding on your treatment, be sure to consult a specialist!

Androgens are hormones that alter the body in a male manner. Excess androgen in the female body is unacceptable. It expresses itself in various ways, most notably as Acne, more generally referred to as pimples. Other manifestations of the Hyperandrogenic condition in women include an inherited predisposition for oily skin or seborrhea and excessive hair growth in unwanted body parts such as the limbs or face, referred to as Hirsutism.


  • Usage: Birth Control, Contraceptive
  • Active Ingredients: Ethinyl estradiol 0.035mg plus Cyproterone Acetate 2mg
  • Supplied Form: Tablets
  • Packaging: Blister pack with 21 pills

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Product description

Ginette 35 Is A Contraceptive Pill. What Is Ginette 35 Contraceptive Pill?

Polycystic ovaries are also associated with an overabundance of androgens in many women. Ginette 35 offers a ray of hope to people who suffer from androgen-excess disorders.

Ginette 35 considerably lowers the hyperandrogenic state and, when provided long-term, gives additional respite from these problems. While Ginette 35 is marketed as a formulation for this purpose, it also offers some women the extra advantage of contraception.

Additionally, we offer the Ovral L Contraceptive Pill, a combination pill that serves the same function.

The Formulation Process And The Active Ingredients

Ginette 35 comprises 0.035 mg Éthynyl estradiol and 2 mg Cyproterone acetate. The presence of Cyproterone Acetate identifies this. This is a rare kind of progestin that exhibits anti-androgenic or anti-male hormonal activity. On the other hand, Éthynyl estradiol is the estrogen most often used with hormonal or contraceptive pills. Ginette 35 contains a trace of Éthynyl estradiol, which minimizes estrogenic side effects while preserving a substantial supplementary or indirect anti-androgenic impact.

Ginette 35 Pill Packaging

Ginette 35 is a birth control tablet marketed by Cipla Pharmaceuticals. It comes in a blister pack containing 21 pills. Each of these pills comprises both of the hormones described above. In addition, each tablet has an active substance that influences the female body’s hormonal balance. Ginette 35 is a suppressor of excessive testosterone and regulates the menstrual cycle when taken for 21 days.

Cipla Ltd. is the maker of Ginette 35 Contraceptive Pills. To learn more about Cipla, please visit their website at www.cipla.com.

Ginette 35 has been proved to be beneficial in the following conditions:

Acne Vulgaris Treatment:

Ginette 35 reduces the development of oily skin sebum from face skin glands. As a result, reduced skin secretion travels readily from the glands, resulting in reduced blockage of their apertures. This action is crucial for Acne efflorescence and spread prevention. Additionally, inflammation produced by such oily discharges reduces, and gland openings remain sufficiently open to enable sebum flow. Ginette 35 works best when taken for three to four months, resulting in a progressive decrease in the severity of acne.

Treatment of Seborrhea / Oily Skin:

Women have trace quantities of testosterone and other male-type hormones referred to as androgens. These variables contribute to the skin’s susceptibility to oily sebaceous discharge and related problems such as pimples, scaling, boils, and subsequent infections. When used consistently, the Diane 35 contraceptive pill successfully regulates seborrheic discharge. The greasiness of the skin progressively diminishes because of well-controlled sebum production, notably from the sebaceous glands on the face and other hairy areas.

Excessive Hair Growth / Idiopathic Hirsutism:

Excessive hair growth is also a result of female bodies producing more androgen. Numerous factors contribute to the primary male hormonal activity and must be treated effectively once recognized (e.g., an androgen-producing tumor). However, there is a disorder called ‘Idiopathic Hirsutism,’ in which the body of the affected lady is just more vulnerable to androgenic hormone effects for unknown or unexplained reasons. For this subgroup of hirsute females, medication is the most effective treatment option.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS):

Multiple tiny follicular cysts in the ovaries describe PCOS. This condition is also connected with longer menstrual cycles, higher testosterone/androgen activity, and increased proclivity predisposition for excessive hair growth, dark skin pigmentation, oily tendency, and infertility. Ginette 35, manufactured by Cipla, helps PCOS patients on several levels, including managing menstrual cycles, decreasing acne, controlling seborrhea and hair growth, and, most crucially, encouraging conception in these women when the medicine is discontinued. In addition, contraception is frequently a positive while on Ginette 35.

The Benefits of Ginette 35 Contraceptive Tablets

Apart from the significant goals mentioned before, the Ginette 35 contraceptive pill has numerous additional therapeutic benefits in treating female genital tract issues. Ginette 35 should not be used directly in the following conditions; however, its suppressing impact on the female hormonal axis may be beneficial.

Menstrual dysregulation / Oligomenorrhoea:

Prolonged menstrual cycles are often connected with disorders characterized by elevated androgen levels, such as PCOS or hirsutism. Periods are more regular, painless, and bleed less. The cycle is normalized, and the condition of Oligomenorrhoea is resolved.

Prevention of Genital Cancers:

Cancers of the ovary and endometrium (line of the uterus or womb) are prevented by long-term usage of estrogen-progestin combination pills, with the additional benefit of cancer-free periods lasting many years after the medication is ended.

Pelvic cramps and Other Disorders of Innocent Women’s Health:

Ginette 35 therapy may benefit pelvic infection, menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea, benign ovarian cysts, and benign fibrocystic breast disease.

Endometriosis Treatment:

Cyproterone alone has been used in higher doses to treat this disorder linked with painful periods. Continuous hormone tablet therapy is helpful in the treatment of endometriosis. Cyproterone is effective in this combination because it reduces the progression of endometriosis.

Chronic pelvic pain

Ginette 35 includes the progestin Cyproterone, which aids in the relief of persistent pelvic discomfort. For more than three to six months, independent of menstruation, painful groins and pubes define this serious illness with different etiologies. While Ginette 35 is not a cure-all, it can give considerable relief to women who suffer from chronic pelvic pain.

The medication is a contraceptive pill (prevention of pregnancy)

Cyproterone functions as a progestin and suppresses pregnancy when paired with the estrogen Éthinylestradiol. The effectiveness of Ginette 35 as a solitary contraceptive is questionable and considered off-label. Most notably, the United States Food and Drug Administration, several countries have forbidden its use. However, it’s worth emphasizing that when Ginette 35 is supplied for any previously listed approved purposes, women taking it are instantly protected against pregnancy.

Dosage And Prescription Requirements – How is the medication administered?

If you are presently taking another contraceptive pill, Ginette 35 should be commenced the day after you complete the last active tablet in the preceding pack or at the absolute least the day after you finish the placebo pill in the previous pack.

Ginette 35 should be commenced on the first day of menstruation for first-time users who have been prescribed it for any stated usage, and the 21 active pills should be taken once a day without missing any.

Approximately three to four days after finishing the pack, “Withdrawal Bleeding” begins. This is a medically generated menstruation or bleeding. It is timed similarly to normal menstruation, but no ovulation exists.

The technique for transitioning from other progestin-based contraceptives to Ginette 35 is as follows. The tablet birth control pill is started the same day a vaginal contraceptive ring is removed. Thereafter, it may utilize a ‘Minipill,’ an implant, or an ‘Intra Uterine Device/System’; however, additional barrier protection (condom/diaphragm) is necessary for the first seven days. Ginette 35 is practical after seven days after commencing the first pack.

Missing Pills Instructions — What to do in the case of a missed pill, Ginette 35

Missed pills are a worry since they reduce the medication’s concentration in your blood and reduce the pills’ ability to provide contraceptive protection.

Have you forgotten to take your medication?

When a pill is missed, the missing drug must be taken within 12 hours, even if this means taking two medications concurrently the following day. Thereafter, carry on with the rest of the pack as usual.

Have you forgotten to take two pills in the first two weeks?

If you fail to take two tablets in a row during the first two weeks, take two pills the day you recollect and two more the following day. Carry on as usual with the rest of the pack. However, additional protection in barrier contraception (condom/diaphragm) is recommended seven days after the missed pill incidence.

Have you skipped two doses during the third week?

If two consecutive pills are missed in the third week, the current pack will be abandoned, and a new one with seven days of additional barrier contraceptive protection will begin.

Have you neglected to take three or more pills?

Consider the case when three or more consecutive pills are missing at any point. In such a situation, the current defaulter pack should be withdrawn, and a new one started, providing seven days of barrier contraceptive protection.

On completion of the next pack, withdrawal bleeding should commence. Occasionally, the withdrawal may not happen. However, regardless of the withdrawal bleed, screening for pregnancy is practical and comfortable after that period.

Vomiting up to four hours after pill administration should be termed a missed dosage, as the tablet’s absorption cannot be confirmed in such situations.

Pharmacodynamics and Mechanism of Action — What is the mechanism of action of Ginette 35?

The hormonal milieu of the female vaginal apparatus is a complex combination between LH/FSH generated from the brain and estrogen/progestin produced by the ovaries.

Artificial estrogen/progestins administered into the circulation via hormone pills such as Ginette 35 tend to lower natural FSH/LH levels and directly stimulate the womb lining, proliferating and maturing it. Additionally, decreased LH/FSH levels impede the ovarian mechanism responsible for follicle development and egg release, resulting in ovulation impairment.

Ginette 35’s anti-androgenic activity stems from Cyproterone’s capacity to block testosterone receptors on end-organ sites such as the skin, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands. This broadens the therapeutic spectrum of Ginette 35 by lowering sebum production, excessive hair growth, and acne.

Interactions Between Drugs

Barbiturates, Pyrimidine, Carbamazepine, Rifampicin, Oxcarbazepine, Topiramate, Felbamate, Griseofulvin, St. John’s Wort-containing medications, Ritonavir, and Nevirapine all reduce Ginette 35’s effectiveness. Consequently, women using any of these drugs are advised to supplement their contraception with different barrier methods.

Ginette 35 may impact the results of laboratory tests such as liver function tests, thyroid profile determinations, coagulation studies, renal function determinations, diabetes/blood glucose parameters, and blood lipid profiles.

Precautions and Warnings Regarding Pill Use

The following precautions must be followed while using the medicine:

  • Concern about thrombosis and blood clotting: Smokers, women with a family history of blood clotting disorders, those with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes with vascular complications, those who have been immobilized for an extended period, those who are obese, and those with high fat or lipid content in the blood are ineligible for Ginette 35 treatments. Contraceptives have been shown to increase the risk of blood clots forming in the deep veins of the lower limbs and other areas. Cyproterone has been shown to exacerbate this risk. The tablets are not intended for use by female smokers over the age of 35.
  • There is controversy about whether contraceptives directly contribute to the increased risk of cervical cancer. Liver tumors, both benign and malignant, have been proven to induce stomach pain and bleeding. Although an elevated risk of breast cancer is established, this risk lowers progressively with quitting.
  • Hepato-Biliary and Gastrointestinal Risks: There is an increased risk of gallstone formation, gall bladder infection, and gall bladder juice stasis. Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) is also mentioned. However, Ginette 35 is unlikely to cause an increase in blood lipid levels or atherosclerosis.
  • Ginette 35 is contraindicated in chronic liver illness, chronic kidney failure, and adrenal diseases.
  • Ginette 35 is contraindicated during pregnancy and nursing.
  • Ginette 35 is neither an HIV/AIDS preventive nor a sexually transmitted infection treatment.


These are common side effects of combination contraceptives, such as the Ginette 35 birth control pill. However, the most likely side effects will be transitory and often treatable:

  • Weight changes could increase or reduce fluid retention and discomfort in the breasts.
  • Vomiting, Nausea, Diarrhea, Constipation, and Acidity/Gastroenteritis
  • Sexual desire, impatience, mood, and despair are all subject to change. Additionally, headaches and migraines are known to occur.
  • Skin lesions include allergic rashes and red nodules.

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